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Hi, welcome to my website.

I'm a backend developer and software engineer. I enjoy building interactive and data-driven products. In doing that I employ different techniques, algorithms and platforms to reach my goal, depending on the target platform, web, desktop or mobile.

As a software engineer, I'm passionate about building quality web applications for enterprises, startups and people. In 2019, I was selected as one of the Top 20 Finalists of the Global Change Award, Sweden, from 6000 entries across 175 countries worldwide for my innovative approach of reinventing fashion with my start-up, Renvery Marketplace.

In the last five (5) years, I’ve used my skills and expertise to solve both business and technical problems. And for my insightful ideas, vast technical abilities, and creativity, I’ve been invited to teach, and make presentations on various technology concepts. I look forward to serving you with my skills in the nearest future.

  • 2019

    Renvery Marketplace


    Renvery Marketplace is a peer to peer marketplace platform for renting household appliances, dresses and equipments.

  • 2018 - 2020

    Gallery of Code

    Interactive Design Engineer

    Gallery of Code is Africa's first transdisciplinary research and development lab which combines creative artistic, scientific and technological approaches in addressing social questions and challenges. It is in partnership with Ars Electronica FutureLab.

  • 2022


    British Computer Society

    BCS responsible for raising the standards of IT education, professionalism, ethics and practice both in the UK and Internationally. The society promote and support IT and digital professionals committed to making IT good for society.

  • 2020



    AlwaysAI provides developers with a simple and flexible way to deliver deep learning computer vision to a wide variety of edge devices.

  • 2019


    Subomi Plumptre Fellowship

    Subomi Plumptre Fellows are young Nigerians who have participated in Subomi’s mentoring program. They maintain a network undergirded by similar values.

  • 2019

    Top 20 Finalist of the Global Change Award

    H&M Foundation, Sweden

    Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make fashion circular.




Ruby on Rails


SQL & NoSQL Databases


Cloud Services

Recent Research & Projects

I ask questions all the time, hence, my quest to discover new solutions.
Forest fire simulation

Simulating the spread of fire in a forest

This project seeks predict and simulate the spread of fire in a forest with burning and non-burning trees using monte-carlo's randomization algorithm.

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Physical and AI Simulation

Tower Defence Area Control Simulation

This project seeks to explore path finding algorithms(e.g Breadth first search), and combines implementations of flocking, and collision detection & response. Including state management and Newton's laws of motion implementation.

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Interactive Advertising

Interactive Advertising - Totally Raw

In collaboration with Xanegraphics, this 3d interactive game was developed to explore interactive advertising and its effect on consumer perception of a product. Game play is with hand gestures

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Haptics in Robotic Surgery

Haptics in Robotic Surgery

This research project aims to evaluate the measure of danger posed to patients undergoing robotic surgery. And thereafter evaluate the effect of haptic feedback for reducing errors in robotic surgery operations.

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